New Schedule for Worship

New Schedule for Worship

On Sunday, November 4th, we will begin having two worship services as well as Bible Class in the morning.  Our first worship service will at 9am on Sunday morning.  We then will be dismissed for classes.  Following the Bible Class period, we will reconvene in the auditorium for our second worship service.

This new schedule is intended to help the numerous people who drive distances to our building for worship on Sunday.  It also is an effort to encourage all of our members to attend both worship services and the Bible Class period.  Our worship services for the day will end at Noon.  It is our hope also that this will enable families to spend some quality time in the afternoons.  By having the entire afternoon and evening free, we will also be able to do more in terms of fellowship and other activities here at the building and in our homes.  It is my prayer that all our members will see this as an opportunity to do more for the Lord.  This is the Lord’s day!


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