Polishing the Pulpit

Polishing the Pulpit

The brotherhood event, Polishing the Pulpit, is scheduled for August 16-24, 2023. This is an annual event that is designed for all Christians. We have a good-sized group that goes from Boiling Springs each year. Those who attend this event come back encouraged and spiritually uplifted. Not only is there an opportunity for much learning, but also great fellowship!

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There is simply no way to describe the PTP experience to someone who has never attended.You just have to be there—when 4000 people join in worship, it is indescribable—when a thousand preachers feast on the Word and share their expertise, it is unlike anything you have seen before—when elders share wisdom to solve complicated issues, you will be amazed—when 700 teens and youth get together, the excitement is palpable—when hundreds of women grow together spiritually, the joy is evident.

When 300 speakers cover 700 topics in 12 concurrent classes over nine days, your spiritual bucket will overflow and your heart will soar—when the constant challenge is deciding which class to attend because they all sound so interesting, you will know you are at PTP.

We are simplifying PTP registration by discontinuing Pre-Conference and Spiritual Renewal Weekend designations. Now, attendees will pay one price and can come for as many days as they want.

Check polishingthepulpit.com for schedules, more information and registration.